subwoofer (or sub) is mainly a loudspeaker designed to reproduce low-pitched audio frequencies known as bass and sub-bass, lower in rate than those which can be (optimally) generated by a woofer.

An amplifier or amp is an electronic device that can increase the power of an input signal. It is a two-port electronic circuit that takes electric power from power supply to increase the amplitude of a signal which is applied to its input terminals, producing a proportionally higher amplitude signal compared to its input signal at its output. The amount of amplification is measured by its gain, which is the ratio of output voltage, current, or power to input. The amplifier is a circuit which has a power gain higher than one.

We have a list of some best quality subwoofer amplifiers:

1.     Rockford Fosgate PRIME R750-1D:

Rockford Fosgate has three car amp models named The Primethe Punch, and the Power. 92% of customers who bought the Rockford Fosgate Prime 750 Watt Class D 1.

It’s top features are:

·       On-board Punch Equalization (PEQ) which delivers 18 decibels at 45 Hz

·       Frequency Response of 20 to 250 Hz

·       Variable low pass filter

·       Preamp levels inputs/outputs

·       Optional remote PEQ

·       RCA inputs

·       Adjustable Phase and Gain

2.     Pioneer GM D9601:

Pioneer is a highly respected name in the car audio business, and GM D9601 is an exemplary reason why they are among the best in the industry.

It’s top features are:

·       Class D technology making high energy efficiency with low deviation

·       Adjustable low-pass filter

·       Wired bass boost remote control

·       Frequency Response of 10 to 240 Hz

·       Preamp RCA outputs, daisy chain multiple amps with Speaker-level inputs for auto turn-on

·       Protection heat control system to prevent overheating and circuit shutdowns.

3.     Soundstream TA1.4000DL:

Soundstream has been since 1975, and the Tarantula is their most popular series.

It’s top features are:

·       Capable of 1ohm RMS power rating or 2000 RMS watts x 1 channel, minimum of 4 ohm or 700 RMS watts

·       Military-grade Surface Mount Technology (SMT) on its Printed Circuit Board (PCB)

·       Variable Bass Boost

·       Wired remote for bass level control

·       Variable low-pass filter

·       Signal-to-Noise ratio of 104 decibels

4.     JBL MS-A5001:

The JBL MS-A5001 adopted the digital signal processing technology or (DSP) for all its controls and compared to analog, has minimal audible noise.

It’s top features are:

·       RMS watts of 550 at 4 and 2 ohm

·       CEA-2006 compliant

·       Equipped with Pulse Width Modulated MOSFET

·       Soft Start Turn-On, rotary control

·       Preamp RCA outputs and daisy chain multiple amps

·       Triple protection circuitry

·       Wireless Remote for bass level input

·       Hi2 Setting

·       Frequency Response is 20 to 270 Hz

·       Built-in display showing Gain and Tone settings

·       Dual speaker outputs

·       Automatic signal sensing and turn-on

·       Signal-to-Noise ratio is 80 decibels

5.     Hifonics Brutus BRX2416.1D:

One particular aspect we appreciated with the BRX2400 was its easy installation, which was a harbinger of good things to come.

It’s top features are:

·       Minimum 850 RMS watts at 4 ohms

·       Ultra-Hi MOSFETS Circuit

·       Wired remote bass level control

·       10 AWG speaker output

·       Dual speaker outputs

·       Preamp RCA outputs which can go full range if connected to the input

·       3-way protection circuitry

·       Variable low pass filter

·       Variable Bass Boost

·       Variable subsonic filter

·       Frequency response of 10 to 250 Hz

·       Signal-to-Noise ratio of 95 decibels

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